There are hurting people all around you

Come Alongside will train you with WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT to be a catalyst for hope and healing. 

How do you react when you know someone is battling pain, crisis, or grief?

All too often, feelings of intimidation, fear, and insecurity arise. 

Without the right training and knowledge, it’s hard to know what to say or how to say it when people are going through: 

You can learn how to show compassion, give comfort, speak truth, and empower actionable steps that lead to healing.

We’re here to give you the confidence to do just that.

What if you could make a difference in your next conversation that led someone to tangible hope and practical help?

Do you want to have tools and skills that help you compassionately care without compromising your boundaries and beliefs?

Are you looking to increase the capacity of your volunteer ministry teams and confidently equip them to care for people in your church?

Come Alongside is an online training* that combines clinical counseling methods with Biblical Principles and a Spirit-empowered approach.

Learn from a licensed Christian counselor how to navigate mental illness, addiction, marital conflict, and many other painful challenges with strategic skills, including: 

    • 8 Guidelines for an Effective Conversation
    • 7 Core Communication Skills
    • 5 Types of Caring Prayer
    • How to Help in the Waiting or “In-Between time”
    • Ways to Empower those you help to Develop Resilience

Come Alongside trains individuals and ministry leaders to be catalysts for hope and healing. 

*Individuals can complete the training online at their own pace. Churches and Non-Profit Ministries can request an in-person training workshop for staff and ministry volunteers.

Strengthen your ability to compassionately care for those around you.

Learn the strategic skills to bring
hope and healing to those in hardship.

We believe in the healing power of God and the transformational power of the local church. That is why we are on a mission to see every believer care for people inside and outside the church with authentic connection, healthy responses, practical encouragement, and proper equipping.  

Equipped with the Word 

Apply the Biblical Principles to help those who are suffering. 

Respond with Confidence

Overcome uncertainty in tough conversations with tools and guidance. 

Bridge the Broken Gaps 

Be an ambassador for reconciliation. 

Develop a Sustainable Pace

Help others and maintain healthy boundaries. 

What’s included in the Come Alongside Training?

The course focuses on the person offering care, the process of change for the person needing care, and the skills necessary to affect hope-filled change together. You can complete the online training at your own pace or request an in-person team training.

Meet Liz Lawrence, Licensed Counselor and Course Creator

Come Alongside was developed by Liz Lawrence, Director of Counseling Services at The Timothy Center, Austin, Texas.

As a licensed Christian clinical counselor with more than two decades of experience in developing and training those in pastoral care ministry, I came to realize that mothers, co-workers, neighbors, and pastors all need practical training and proven ways to speak to others who are in hardship or pain.

Hurt happens. When we bring tangible hope and practical help, we embark on a journey God designed for us to do together that will lead us to healthier households, neighborhoods, churches, and communities.

Dr. Myers has spent more than 25 years writing, ministering, and speaking nationwide on the subjects of discipleship, teenage life, and Christian parenting. We are excited to have his endorsement of Come Alongside

“I think all of us desire to be used by God to help the hurting people around us.  We just don’t know how.  This material provides the practical tools to do just that.  I can’t recommend this highly enough!”
– Jimmy Myers, PhD, LPC-S, CSAT, Founder and CEO of The Timothy Center, Austin, Texas

You might be saying…

Every believer is called and equipped to be a relationship-reconciler; one who brings reconciliation to those in need of hope or healing. You don’t have to be in a ministry role to offer the skills and tools you can learn through Come Alongside. Any relationship can benefit from growing and learning through the Come Alongside training. Come Alongside will teach you what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to bring hope to any conversation.

Many churches offer some basics of care ministry training but they do not include the wealth of skills, tools, and resources in the Come Alongside training. When those difficult conversations come up, you will want to know what to say, how to say it, and then what to do next to offer help that is truly healthy. Come Alongside truly empowers every believer for every conversation, everyday, everywhere. 

And that’s exactly why you need the Come Alongside training! The content is broken down into 30+/- minute segments. Each segment is perfectly timed for a lunch break, or a workout on the exercise bike or treadmill, or a group learning experience. We want every believer to be equipped with the skills and tools to help any and every person in their lives.

We agree!! The online, self-paced training is only one version of Come Alongside. But even in this version you can get some of the interaction we all need to be whole, healthy people. How? Through taking everything you are learning into everyday conversations, then sharing that interaction in the private Facebook community, and posting your stories on our Instagram channel.

Also if you are ready for an interactive workshop, connect with your pastor, ministry leader, or non-profit leader to schedule an In-Person Workshop for 50+ people. In this version of the training, you get to interact and practice together.

For a one-time investment of $797, you will receive lifetime access to the Come Alongside training developed by a licensed Christian counselor. You can finally know what to say to help people who are hurting.

Life is too precious to waste without caring well for others. 
Choose the Come Alongside Plan That’s Right for You:
Most Flexible
5 Monthly Payments 
Best Value + Bonus printables   
One Payment   
With either plan, you will receive lifetime access to the Come Alongside training developed by a licensed Christian counselor. You can finally know what to say to help people who are hurting. Also receive 4 Q&A group calls to help you implement what you learning for long-lasting change. 

You are more powerful when you know how to come alongside people and care for them well.

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Do you want to confidently care for those around you?

It’s hard to know what to say or how to say it when people are going through loneliness and depression. Get our free 3 part video series “Keys to Connect and Care for People Experiencing Loneliness and Depression”.  Including 3, 7-minute training videos plus 3 PDF’s with all the Keys.