Empower every individual in
your congregation and ministry.

Inspire leadership, minimize pastoral care sessions, reduce burn-out, and foster deeper connections.

Strengthen your community from its roots.

Building a healthy, life-giving ministry means focusing on substance. Come Alongside gives every member of your congregation the practical skills needed to support one another using biblically-based tools that offer reassurance, guide conversations, and revive hope. 

Dr. Myers served for over 20 years on church staff, and has spent more than 25 years writing, ministering, and speaking nationwide on the subjects of discipleship, teenage life, and Christian parenting. We are excited to have his endorsement of Come Alongside

“As a former Family Pastor, I can’t recommend this highly enough! I think all of us desire to be used by God to help the hurting people around us.  We just don’t know how.  This material provides the practical tools to do just that.”

– Jimmy Myers, PhD, LPC-S, CSAT, Founder and CEO of The Timothy Center, Austin, Texas

Spread resilience. Know how to help without burning out.

Come Alongside combines clinical counseling with Biblical Principles and a Spirit-empowered approach.  Our mission is to enable believers to support one another throughout both hardship and healing. 

Multiply leadership.  

Position your ministry towards learning and development. Expand volunteer leadership in care ministry and local outreach. 

Grow in Christ. 

Come Alongside is an experiential biblical methods course. Demonstrate the many ways in which the Holy Spirit moves us to care for others. 

Rely less on pastoral care. 

Help members of your church feel understood and connected while managing pastoral care expectations. 

Inspire courage. 

Teach, motivate, and uplift all members of your congregation with Spirit-empowered care ministry training. 

See your mission realized
to the healthiest extent.

Help believers help each other and see the community strengthened. 

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Do you want to confidently care for those around you?

It’s hard to know what to say or how to say it when people are going through loneliness and depression. Get our free 3 part video series “Keys to Connect and Care for People Experiencing Loneliness and Depression”.  Including 3, 7-minute training videos plus 3 PDF’s with all the Keys.