“I just don’t have many people I can say this to.” I’ve heard that many times over the years, and that’s where Come Alongside groups can help.

Being Together, Developing Consistency through biblical skills with clinical tools in a healthy open environment, and Immediately Applying those tools everyday – this is what makes the Come Alongside Groups uniquely effective and powerfully fun. Learn the skills and tools with others who want the same things you do.  
This is not your typical group!
We currently offer 6 unique coaching skills groups for women with a whole-person focus to help you make the changes or take the next steps in your life season. 
Whether you want to meet a Godly and mature man, be a strong woman in your workplace, stay confident and healthy through college, or navigate the mom-life at work or working-at-home, we’ve got you covered. We also have a group for every woman to develop a whole-person holy reset from the past few years and develop new rhythms that serve you well.
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Each coaching skills group


Learn actionable and practical skills to direct emotions, strengthen relationships, and live your God-given dreams, goals, and calling.

Developing Consistency

Everyday maintain and track your progress with Daily personal check-in diary charts or worksheets. Every other week meet together for coaching that you can apply immediately at home, school, work, or church. Every quarter get together in person (optional).

Biblical skills with clinical tools

Discipleship is the practice of following Jesus in our everyday life and each of the Come Alongside groups focus on helping you strengthen your relationship with God through Biblical skills. We uniquely combine these with proven clinical tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) that align with God’s truth.

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Hi there, I’m Liz!

I know the struggle when I need support, capacity, or skills to change things, so over the years I’ve cultivated a “toolbox” of tools and skills. My toolbox has been hard-won through my own journey and struggles following God as a woman in the corporate construction industry, as a Christian dating in the jungle of Austin, TX, as a married working woman, and as a woman who wants to be healthy as a whole person. 
I started sharing my toolbox in counseling sessions, then with women in groups. Groups for dating skills, groups to shift disordered eating and body image, groups for women who want a whole-person holy reset, and I gotta tell you – I love groups. 
My favorite way to share the tools and skills is through groups because in groups there are several people in it together. Also in groups there is the powerful connection we share that is both effective and so much fun. Groups truly are incredibly effective, efficient, powerful, and fun! 
Get rid of old habits, get out of feeling stuck, and get the tools and skills to move forward where you are right now towards your God-given calling.  Get the unique combination of discipleship skills with clinical Christian counseling skills and tools from someone who knows the reality of mental health and the power of God.  
I work as both a licensed Christian counselor with more than two decades of experience in the marketplace, and also as a minister with a decade and a half in full-time ministry. I’ve created and led groups for women over the last two decades and I’m so excited now to offer these online as well.
Join me in one of the 6 unique groups. Get the support, capacity, skills, tools, and community you need as well. 
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